Choirs and school groups

Producing a CD with Sounds Unlimited is the best way to lift your group to the next level.

shine down CD

Create a professional CD as a serious demonstration of what your choir or group can do.Salvation army CD

A recording is a snapshot of the choir and will be a memory for all the members and people involved for the rest of their lives

CDs can be used as a fundraiser. Family, friends and all those involved with your choir will always keen to have CDs and they can also be sold at performances. They make wonderful gifts and are easy to post overseas or give as a thank you when on tour.

Often sponsorship can be found to cover costs or producing the CD, especially for community groups.

seraphim choir CD

Producing a CD doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Talk to us about the best way to record and produce a CD of your choir to the highest standard and in the most efficient and cost effective way.

We will bring the recording truck to your choice of venue, to record the choir where they feel most comfortable.  Then after recording, we will take it back to the studio for mixing and mastering.

St Patrick's School CD

Neil Maddever has recorded numerous choirs, including St Pauls Cathedral Choir, Festival Singers, Orpheus Choir, Note Bene, the Wellington Community Choir, Voices NZ, Cantate and far too many school and church choirs to list.


If you already have some equipment and expertise Neil can add value to your project in the mixing and mastering stage.

He can also provide specialist tutoring in Music Recording and Sound Reinforcement for staff and students.

Police Pipe Band CDTawa College CDwairarapa college CD